The Manager plans to achieve its key objectives through the following key strategies:

Active asset management strategy

Active Asset Management

  • Pro-actively manage property portfolio and strive to achieve growth in revenue and net property income and maintain high occupancy levels
  • Drive organic growth and build long-lasting relationships with the tenants
Active asset enhancement strategy

Active Asset Enhancement

  • Implement property enhancement opportunities to support and enhance organic growth
Acquisition growth strategy by leveraging on the Sponsor's experience and supported by the ROFRs

Acquisition Growth by Leveraging on Sponsor's Experience and ROFRs

  • Acquistition of quality income-producing retail properties that provide attractive cash flows and yields
Capital and risk management strategy

Capital and Risk Management

  • Endeavour to employ an appropriate mix of debt and equity in financing acquisitions and asset enhancements
  • Utilise hedging strategies where appropriate from time to time to manage interest rate volatility and foreign exchange exposure


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